What To Be Aware On Your Backpack Trip!

We are living in a world with a lot of people that are sedentary. They are sedentary at their jobs and in their homes too. Sometimes, they are sedentary even during their holidays. Today we would like to speak about the reasons that may convince you to choose backpacking journeys instead of choosing other kinds of trips.

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Backpacking journeys bring adventure into your life

A backpacking journey will always bring a new experience in your life. It doesn’t matter if this journey takes three days or three months, but for sure you will be richer after such a journey. And when we say that you will be richer, we speak about richer in experiences, friends and memories. A backpacking journey means to leave aside your comfort and to face some new challenges. First of all, you have to be ready to carry your backpack every day. Secondly, you have to be ready to sleep under the stars, even if is a rainy night. Then, you have to search for water and sometimes for food. You have to rationalize your water and food in order to have enough for a couple of hours, or even for several days. A backpacking journey involves also certain risks, such as encounters with wild animals, storms, floods or injuries. But all we have mentioned above show that in the end, if you choose a backpacking journey, you will have again adventure in your life.

Backpacking journeys and modern society

Nowadays we are invaded of technology and information. Everywhere you may see a gadget, for each daily task you may use a gadget and even if you try to avoid doing this, it is more difficult every day. Even when we are going on vacation, we are using technology and we have almost the same life as well as our daily life. But there is an opportunity to change this and this opportunity is given by backpacking journeys. Humans are not made to live “imprisoned” between the walls of a home or office. Humans are made to relate with nature, with water, trees and open sky. Due to this, we consider that backpacking journeys represent a method to return to Mother Nature. By practicing backpacking journeys, we become stronger, smarter and healthier, having the possibility to produce more results during our daily tasks. By moving our bodies into nature, giving up our comfort for a certain period of time and escaping from routine, will transform our lives into happier lives.

Advantages of choosing backpacking journeys

The main advantages of choosing backpacking journeys as options for our holidays include aspects such as lower expenses on transport, accomodation and food, escape from routine, getting healing energy from nature, running away from technology for a certain period of time and combating sedentary. We are sure that each backpacker may come up with other arguments, but we consider
that these are the most important of them.

Be aware about surprises… like hostels that aren’t exactly real!

Yup, that’s the thing with the ideas of hostels that pretend to be accepting visitors… and not asking for any money in exchange. What’s the catch? Well, you should read the explanation of the idea of fake hostel. To make long story short, they ask their visitors for sex in exchange for sleeping over. Well, that’s some crazy offer, but it looks like many of women already agreed to such terms. After all, they are on their backpack journey and adventures are always welcome. If you ask me, I’m not so sure! Anyway…

We hope that you will think about backpacking journeys for your upcoming holiday and maybe someday we will meet in one of these backpacking journeys.