What is a backpacking trip?
  • The ordinary trips usually do not exceed from a week or two, however as opposed to it, backpacking trips last for months and they are basically long trips.
  • Backpacking travelling is slow. A backpacker will prefer staying 12 days in Rome, 14 days in Milan and 20 days in Florence.
  • In backpack travelling, a backpacker usually prefers public transit while travelling between cities
  • In a backpacking trip, there are no luxurious hotels, rather a backpacker spends the nights at a dorm, motel or a hostel
  • Backpacking travelling does not merely involve taking snap shots of tourist attractions, rather on the contrary this type of travelling involves some serious adventure and challenges
What are the advantages of Backpacking?
  • Backpacking enables the traveller to learn new things
  • It enhances the social skills of the backpacker
  • Through backpacking, the traveller can go through amazing experiences
  • Backing is more cheaper as compared to normal travelling
  • There are no restrictions as far as backpacking is concerned
What are advantages of a backpack?
  • Backpack makes the management of luggage easy for the traveller
  • Since all the things of the traveller are safe and sound in the backpack, hence there is not much to worry about
  • Things can be stored with ease in a travel backpack
  • The strain on the body is much less, if one utilizes a backpack
  • The travellers can keep themselves organized if they are utilizing backpacks
  • While touring carrying things can be very difficult however through a backpack one may move around with ease without much of a serious difficulty
What are the cheapest countries to Backpack?
  • The country which tops the list for cheap backpacking is Nepal
  • The second country which is ideal for cheap backpacking is Thailand
  • The third country is India, which is a fast developing nation in sub- continent
  • The fourth country known for cheap backpacking is Sri Lanka
  • The fifth county is Indonesia
  • The sixth country is Nicaragua
  • The seventh country which is highly preferred by backpackers all over the world is Peru
  • Turkey is another place which is highly preferred as far as cheap backpacking is concerned
  • Albania is the ninth in the list
  • The last country which is ideal for cheap backpacking is Costa Rica
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