Types of Backpackers: A Brief Review

The Backpack travelling has been very common nowadays and lot of stuff has already been written on this interesting subject. In this article we will limit our discussion to the type of Backpackers. There are many kinds of backpackers and each kind has unique characteristics and persona. In a single discourse listing all the kinds would not be possible for us; however in this little discourse of ours we will try to highlight some major kinds of backpackers. Before we proceed we would like to clarify here that by backpacker we mean the person who is involved in backpacking.

Types of Backpackers

The types of backpackers are as follows

Spiritual Traveller
  • A spiritual traveller may belong to any race or country of the world
  • The aim of this traveller is to learn about different customs, religions and ways of life
  • Such kind of a traveller passes his time by reading spiritual stuff and yoga books
  • This kind of a traveller is fed up with the hustle and bustle of his own land, on the contrary this person is travelling just to attain inner peace
  • Most of these backpack travellers are found in southeast Asia and South America
Gap Yearer
  • This kind of a Backpacker is usually a teenager
  • He or she usually belongs to countries like Australia, England and New Zealand
  • They usually travel either before their university education or one year after the beginning of university education
  • They spend most of their days in regions like Australia and Asia
  • While travelling they do a lot of sightseeing
  • They sleep in dorms
  • Most of these travellers are seen wearing Fisherman pants, necklaces and dreadlocks
  • They usually utilize the transportation which is local in nature
  • They usually eat food which is local
  • They like to talk about imperialism which is very much cultural in nature
  • They enjoy watching Hollywood movies
  • Well-known tourist attractions are avoided by such backpackers