Know The Best Age For Backpacking

Backpacking is an adventure and while most people would like to believe that it is for youngsters, it’s not exactly true.

We would say traveling while you are young may be ideal but it’s not the only age when you can travel. So, we say that best age for backpacking is any age that makes you want to step out of your comfort zone and explore the huge world out there.

So, what is the best age for backpacking? Well, any age is best given that your circumstances are the best at that moment. Backpacking calls for certain criterion like budget, health and a will. If you have them at 20 great and if you have them at 60 wonderful. Let’s talk about these points and see how much they can make or break your plans.

1.    Budget

Backpacking may sound like an easy and in expensive, but it still needs funds to travel from country to country. Afterall, you cannot walk across borders. You will need means of transport along with a good arrangement to stay, everywhere you go, even if not 5 stars. Add to these personal and financial responsibilities. Not everyone can get up one morning and proclaim that they are leaving for a world tour. Some people have loans and mortgages while others may have children and family who are dependent on them. So, budget is big constraint in deciding when is the best time for you.

2.    Health

Good health is one of the most important criteria for backpacking. You can once borrow money to travel but you can never borrow or buy good health. So, if you are in good health and everything else works for you, any age is good age for backpacking. Most people will tell you that you should travel young and that is because it is assumed that young people are generally healthy and capable of traveling far and near. If you think you are too old to go backpacking, consider these points again and take a call.

Good health is one of the most important criteria for backpacking.

3.     Will

If you do not wish to travel the world, there is not point discussing about the best age to travel. No age is right or wrong if you do not plan to see the world.

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